Scott Jordan “In the Wind, Between the Breeze”


In the Wind, Between the Breeze:
Scott Jordan Solo Koto Project

A few comments about this CD project:

It’s all acoustic 13-string and 17-string koto. It’s all improvisational.

In the Wind
The CD begins and ends in a whisper with wind koto recordings. Two more wind koto interludes separate the middle tracks. These recordings are of a single koto outside in the wind with no use of multi-tracking. The phenomenon is the same as an Aeolian Harp, or Wind Harp, and the sound is produced and manipulated entirely by the wind with no human assistance. As is obvious by the recording, I play the instrument in various ways in addition to the wind sound. So, in fact, these improvisations are duets; human and nature. Much like the Yin in Toaist philosophy, to achieve the best results I needed to let go of my own desires and intentions and go with the flow of the breeze since I obviously had no control over nature.

Between the Breeze
If wind koto represents my Yin moments, these improvisations are my Yang. Tracks 2,3,5, and 9 employ multi-tracking. I had often wondered what music I could create if I could pair up with myself. These tracks are my approximation of what it might sound like.

Tracks 6 and 8 return to the idea less is more; straight-forward solo koto.

One more method of sound production probably deserves some explanation. Tracks 6 and 9 feature a buzz-like sound. I refer to this as “sawari koto,” named after the same kind of sound produced by the low string on a shamisen in open position, “sawari.” Biwa, sitar, and tambura all use this concept. In the case of my koto, I use a self constructed attachment to produce the sawari sound on any or all strings of the koto.

This CD is all acoustic koto.

In the Wind, Between the Breeze:


In the Wind

Between the Breeze

6曲目と8曲目は少ないほど豊かである(Less is more)という考えに立ち戻った、率直的なソロの演奏になります。